Cloud Solutions

Types of Hosting:

Private Cloud Services

Having a private cloud network increases IT flexibility, scalability, and redundancy while decreasing downtime, ultimately making your entire IT structure more robust.

Access our cloud expertise:

  • Leverage our vast experience in managing complex IT systems; our arsenal of cloud experts.
  • Reduce risks related to ongoing management changes and upgrades by using our automation expertise.
  • Enjoy a single source of cloud coordination and accountability that we provide.
  • Determine the location of your private cloud implementation and data.
  • Keep your infrastructure at a secure, next-generation data center or behind your own firewalls.
  • Sustain a consistent, protected environment by employing our standard IT security policies and practices.

Maintain IT security and compliance with a private cloud:


Public Cloud Services

This cloud service offers the greatest level of efficiency in shared resources.

A public cloud is the obvious choice when:

  • Your standardized workload for applications is used by lots of people, such as e-mail.
  • You need to test and develop application code.
  • You have SaaS (Software as a Service) applications from a vendor who has a well-implemented security strategy.
  • You need incremental capacity (the ability to add computer capacity for peak times).
  • You are doing collaboration projects.
  • You are doing an ad-hoc software development project using a Platform as a Service (PaaS) offering cloud.


Managed Hosting Services

We know that maintaining, updating, and supporting an IT infrastructure is an on-going, people-intensive process that can get expensive. However, it can greatly increases total cost of ownership, especially when specialized skill sets are needed.

With managed hosting, you can expect:

  • Predictable monthly expenses covering infrastructure and labor costs
  • An intelligently managed IT environment run by expert IT professionals
  • Improved labor utilization, as you focus IT resources on higher value business initiatives
  • Higher levels of availability and performance
  • Reduced overall risks by improving business continuity and hardware / software maintenance


Business Applications

  • Disaster Preparation and Recovery Plans
  • Offsite Backup using an Industry Standard Platform
  • Email Hosting
  • Custom SaaS Application Hosting



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